Friday, July 30, 2010

Market Madness

With around 50 certified farmer's markets in San Diego County we have plenty of resources to get farm fresh food.  Farm to Fork has a few tips for the novice farmer's market shopper to ensure you get the best quality product. While shopping at the market take time and care to ask farmers where their product is grown, how it is grown and who grows it. Those who work the stands at the market are sometimes not the actual farmer, but in most cases they are.  Make sure to be specific about organics. Ask about their farming practices, how they treat their soil and if they use pesticides. Just because it is at a farmers market does not mean that it is organic or local. Somtimes farmers come from hundreds of miles away to be in popular markets.  At farm to fork we like the 80/20 rule  we stick to 80% extra local meaning the product is sourced from 100 miles away or less, and the last 20% we source from California. The 80/20 rule can help build a truely sustainable foodshed. We can not deny ourselves the Spring Hill Pesto Jack Cheese, just becuase it is from Nor Cal. Click the link above to find the farmer's market in your neighborhood.

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