Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture

CUESA, for short, organizes the farmer's market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  You might be thinking "why would Farm To Fork highlight a farmers market that is out of reach for San Diego residents?" The reason is that CUESA has a unique program that deserves credit and should be replicated in farmers markets across the country. At Farm to Fork we are pretty religious about our farmers markets and CUESA has the most impressive program we have ever seen.  I always coordinate trips up north around CUESA market days. CUESA takes a fresh approach to the standard farmers market by combining special events and educational opportunities with each weekly market.  From cocktail week, to chef demonstrations, to pickling and fermenting workshops CUESA never ceases to impress us. Although the Ferry Building can be touristy the farmer's markets organized by CUESA stay true to their roots featuring the highest quality local produce and artisinal foods.  The CUESA website has beautiful resources, we love their seasonality chart. At Farm To Fork we suggest signing up for the E-Letter even if you do not live in SF.  We learn so much from their educational articles and also get ideas for events to host in San Diego. Click here to sign up for their E-Letter and here to become a fan of CUESA on facebook. Peace love and seasonality.

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