Tuesday, July 27, 2010

City Heights Farmers Market Sets Noteworthy Record

On July 10, the City Heights Farmers' Market set a new record for EBT sales in an afternoon: $1400 dollars! What are EBT sales and what place do they have at farmers markets?  An EBT is an Electronic Benefit Transfer. Common benefits provided via EBT are typically sorted into two general categories: food and cash benefits. Food benefits are federally authorized benefits that can be used only to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages. Food benefits, formerly called Food Stamps, are now called SNAP. Typically farmers markets do nto accept food stamps, but that food stamp money accepted at City Heights went to purchase fresh, local produce. Families who qualify for EBT have limited access to fresh food. The City Heights community is excited and deservedly proud of this accomplishment. Next time you are at your local farmer's market ask your market manager if they accept food stamps, and if they dont ask them why. Read more about these local triumphs on the Edible San Diego facebook page.

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