Friday, September 17, 2010

Pop-Up Status

Keep checking our facebook page for the latest up to date info on our breakfast pop-up. Our next Pop-Up will be October 17th, same place, 9am-12pm. We are hibernating a little early and taking time to rework our fall menu. We hope to see persimmons in the Side O' Fruit, poblano peppers in the Going Green Scramble and some juicy citrus for the mimosas. Some things will be leaving the menu as the bitterly cold San Diego winter sets in...I am kidding. The beauty of the local organic farms in San Diego is that some things never go out of season! We have different types of avocados all year long, basil can be grown in different varieties that withstand the mild winters and we can get good greens at any time! Look for some reworkings of old favorites and signature fall items on the October 17th menu. Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there! Peace and love, F2F

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paying Hommage to our Inspiration

In honor of NY fashion week we will be setting up the Farm To Fork pop-up shop on Sunday the 12th from 9am-12pm. Say What? Farm To Fork inspired by fashion? Although it seems odd Farm To Fork is using the designer model that proliferates during fashion week in New York.  Most designers who do not have a store front will "pop-up" so that buyers can preview their collections.  The pop-up is a way to get the product to the public without holding down a permanent location.  It looked like it worked for the fashion industry so we thought we would give it a try with food.  We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Farm of the Week

At Farm To Fork we have been savoring the bounty from La Milpa Organica Farm a tour last two Pop-Ups.  La Milpa for me a is a flashback to my college days in Santa Barbara when all my friends were working at the Isla Vista Food Co-Op, participating in the campus community garden program, and we would get together under the stars and recruit a local musician to serenade us through he night.  My first experience with La Milpa was at one of their 3rd Saturday Potlucks.  I felt like I was in another time and place surrounded by the organic farm, eating pizzas form a clay oven and listening to a soulful folk singer.  We recommend checking out their events, the next being Saturday September 18th. There is no shortage of good food, conversation and smiles at La Milpa.  At the next Farm To Fork Pop-Up look for La Milpa greens in the side salad, cucumber in the water, young zucchini in the Going Green Scramble, basil in the pesto and their luscious herbs in the table bouquets.  La Milpa is an amazing example of how food can bring the community together.  Their environmental practices are beyond organic. They take time, love and care with each item they plant and harvest. We guarantee you can taste the difference.   You can find La Mipla at these local farmers markets.