Friday, October 15, 2010

Fan Letter

Hello friends and supporters of Farm To Fork,

First off thank you to those who have supported us, we were overwhelmed with gratitude and astounded at the amount of support you all gave us.  As of right now F2F will moving from our Giovanni’s location in downtown Encinitas and hopefully re-locating in Leucadia.  Change is a good thing! In true pop-up store fashion we are open to new locations or possibly rotating our location.  Please send us any locations you have in mind for F2F. There will be no Farm To Fork in October and our November date will depend on whether or not we secure the new location.  We will try to host farm To Fork one Sunday a month, if not more once we find a more permanent location! It has been a fun ride and we hope to be serving up food straight from the Farm To your Fork as soon as possible.

We are also have a fall menu in the works, please look for that within the next few weeks.  We will be incorporating seasonal peppers, kale and other unique items into the menu.

Peace and Love,

Carris and Tess
Farm To Fork
Open one Sunday a month
Location TBD

1 comment:

  1. Are you all still operating? We're new to town, looking for delish authentic food.
    - Laura