Friday, September 17, 2010

Pop-Up Status

Keep checking our facebook page for the latest up to date info on our breakfast pop-up. Our next Pop-Up will be October 17th, same place, 9am-12pm. We are hibernating a little early and taking time to rework our fall menu. We hope to see persimmons in the Side O' Fruit, poblano peppers in the Going Green Scramble and some juicy citrus for the mimosas. Some things will be leaving the menu as the bitterly cold San Diego winter sets in...I am kidding. The beauty of the local organic farms in San Diego is that some things never go out of season! We have different types of avocados all year long, basil can be grown in different varieties that withstand the mild winters and we can get good greens at any time! Look for some reworkings of old favorites and signature fall items on the October 17th menu. Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there! Peace and love, F2F

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